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happy birthday to me

what with being a timelord, you look alot younger than you actually are


this is soooo true

anyways, yup its my birthday.

got a letter yesterday from NPower telling me I'm in credit by 212 quid, so they are sending it back to my bank account - therefore - when that goes in - I'm buying Clara's Barbour jacket.  The black has been released on the barbour site - however its 200 quid.   ouch

but then, I'll have a complete outfit.  awesome.  and even before the christmas special (when Clara will be introduced)

Might wear the outfit for October expo and Midnight con at the end of November (Billie Piper is gonna be there, and a Big Guest -  someone on the same level as the guest they had at 11th hour con over the weekend of the 16/17th June - Matt Smith was at that one - yes I met him - see previous journal)   rumours are going around that its either gonna be David Tennant or John Barrowman - yes to either of them - and I am sooooo there XD)

DW: New Companion cosplay

my Urban Outfitters dress arrived today and it is sooooooooooooooo cute

I couldn't get the UO satchel bag cos its out of stock, so bought a similar one from ebay for £5.

Similar shoes from ebay for £18.

I have a blue jacket in stock

and on Saturday, I'm going to York to see if I can find the Barbour jacket.

Then I'm all sorted, and need an event to wear it at.   Mebbe the Leeds Who group meetup on the 1st July.  Thats a nice starting point anyways. 

11th hour DW con journal

well if I can remember it all that is.   

before we start, have to mention, my travelling outfit is the 10th Doctor.  

after the rage I had with the cat (see a previous journal), the taxi arrived, I'd rung him 

beforehand to tell him of a slight detour to the lift to the station. So instead of costing a fiver it cost me £22.

I'd bought my tickets the previous day for 59 quid so all I needed to do was to get to the opposite platform (carrying my huge wheeled holdall, my pink spikey bug bag and my TARDIS case) a railway porter asked me where I was going. I said "at the moment, or train destination?"  "Both" so I told him and he offered to carry my holdall up the stairs across to the opposite platform.  WIN. 

The train to Donny was delayed.  Hull Trains having more problems cancelled the train at Donny so all going to London had to change.  I had to change anyways, needed the Reading train. 

Got chatting to a lady on the train who works for Goole Times / Selby Post and puts adverts into newspapers for my work (what a small world XD), she was visiting old friends, she used to work with years back. and every now n then, one of them arranges a weekend they all come visit and they arrange a surprise activity.

almost at Birmingham station, the train is hanging round outside the station, people are getting impatient thinking they'll miss their connections.  I see another Virgin train leaving the station and passing our train I say "That's what we were waiting for, the platform for that late running train"  and sure enough we start to move.  The passengers were dead impressed "How did you know that?"  "Just lucky, I guess" I replied.  "If your that lucky, do you know the lottery numbers for tonight?"  They asked "Welllll... actually, yes", says me, putting hand into inside coat pocket and digging out my physic paper "There you go"

connecting train to B'ham international was 15 mins later so I loitered around for a bit.  Took about 20 mins to get there.  talked to a woman on the train, who always gets that train to get home, and its always packed. 

Finally got off the train, some other people spotted me, and guessed (from outfit and tardis bag) that I was here for the con, so we all made our way downstairs to find the exit and the freebie bus that the Hilton put on to take us there.  These other two weren't staying there, they were in the travellodge, but said they'd book into their own hotel after they'd checked into the con and bought photo/autograph tickets.

Arrived at the Hilton, I was like, woah this place is huge.  Keeping tight hold of my Tardis bag cos people seem to want to stealz it.   Stood with another guy called Aaron, who said to me "Do you know Richard Ashton, cos he doesn't like me, so cos he said I said I was gonna beat him up, but that was what I was like before."  I was overly wary about this aaron from this point onwards. And he kept bugging me to let him try on my swirly tie cos he wanted one, and wanted to know what it would look like on him.  I was so tempted to say,   'it would look exactly the same as it does on me, except your taller'  but resisted temptation.

Anyways, went to the registration desk, explained my predicament, the man spoke to Sean who ok'd it, and said "Yes, there is a gold ticket available" so £160 spent already, I was ticket number Gold 227 , then I went back into the autograph/photo queue, cos there were rumours on the queue that the Matt Smith photos were selling pretty quickly.  Really didn't wanna miss out.   The queue was still quite slow, so whilst the people I was with held the space for me, I went and booked in to the hotel.  I'd read on the forums, if you didn't pay for your room upfront, then they'd charge you 50 quid per day. So paid for it and then that was £210 spent.  Sadly didn't qualify for the queen suite upgrade, and my room was 314 had to walk miles to find Lift B to even get to the room (but did that later after I'd got photo tickets)

Back in the photo queue, we eventually get to the front, bought one with Frances Barber on the Saturday, and the £30 extra large signed Matt Smith one on the Sunday.  Then me and people I was with parted ways briefly and I took everything upto my room.  Was shattered by the time I got there, was one hell of a walk.  Room was pokey.  and these should've been around £120 each?? really wouldn't pay that for one of them rooms.  Paper peeling off the walls, chipped mucky tiles around the bath, and the tv picture  quality was very grainy.  However the wardrobe had a safe, and there was a small outdoor balcony too.   

Unpacked my stuff only 4 coathangers in the wardrobe.  Decided not to change.  put my badge on and wandered down to the bar.  Beer was London prices, wasn't really expecting anything cheaper tbh.  Pint of Flowers IPA was £4.30 that was my preferred tipple this weekend, quite tasty ale it was too. Met aaron in the bar (oh well, at least it was something to talk to, even though all he did was talk about himself and people that hated him. Nice :/ )

Ordered food, a dish of potato wedges with a blue cheese dip £4.60 included service charge cos I didn't order at the bar. Then a Rita and a Sue sat on adjoining table seats.  Rita had a Fish Finger sandwich for her food.  Was so tempted to ask if they would serve it with custard!  Sue worked for a National Health Authority, and Infectious Diseases so she knew about NOIDS (another work thing) and covered the Yorkshire area. wow so that was two work related people I'd spoken to today.  Managed to lose aaron when he went out for a smoke, even Sue and Rita thought he was a bit odd. 

After a while, went to chill for a bit in my room, to get changed and wait for the opening ceremony and the disco. The disco theme, Eye Patches and Fez's.  Put tv on. oh look DW: The Lodger was on tv. Laid on my bed idly getting ready, I look up and see a worrying black stain on the ceiling above my bed, I look at the stain, the tv and the stain again, and decide, no way am I touching that XD

Decide I was going to iron the green dress, found the iron, hunted over the entire bedroom looking for the ironing board.  couldn't find one, had to ring reception, and they brought one up for me.  Put it in the wardrobe, will use it tomorrow.

Wary about wearing these shoes again after the 'fun' I had with them at May expo. but put them on and hoped for the best.  glued the eye drive to my face. owww watering stinging eye from the spirit gum. Enjoyed opening ceremony, then got ushered to adjacent room for Meet and Greet.  The guests came and sat at your table for 5 mins and chatted to you.  It was so much fun. Waited ages for Frances Barber, she was the last one to us, and she saw my outfit, eye drive, "Oh you're wearing my Eye Drive" so we had a convo about eye drives and spirit gum, and watering stinging eyes, so it bothers her too XD

Was late when the Meet n Greet finished, went to the disco for a bit but shoes by this time hurting, so went back to room and changed into something casual.  (Yes I actually brought non cosplay outfits this time) blue spotty dress, purple jacket, zip up leggings with denim mini ontop and white converse.  See.  Casual.  Didn't stay late.  was around 1am when I left. Kinda introduced myself (finally) to sephirayne.  then thinking about it afterwards, I decided I was really rude, and needed to talk to her again and apologise for my outburst, perhaps it would've been better if I'd've not said owt.

Alarm went off early.  Well I had the plan of using the gym before breakfast.  It never happened.  walked all the way to reception to find out where the breakfast was being held, and then had to walk all the way back, as the room was near the lift to my room. Didn't eat much, thought it was cos I was still shattered from the travelling. Went back to room to get changed, as I had the Frances Barber picture today, I was wearing tWoRS outfit again.  

Put the ironing board up, and ironed my skirt, ironing board got stuck, couldn't put it down again, so left it.   Went back downstairs to queue, left bag in the photo reception area, stuck bag ticket to back of my pass, and waited patiently in the line.  She recognised me "Hello again, you're still wearing my eye drive"  She was so nice.  Photo taken, bag collected, I decide to goto the photo stall and buy some pictures.  and a badger.  This means I can get an extra personal item signed.  Gonna get Frances to sign my DVD, a photo I bought and my Journal/autograph book.

I take stuff back up to my room, change outfits back into the 10th Doctor.  Wandering around hotel lobby looking for people to talk to, get stopped by a lady and a man with camera, and they ask if they can take some photos, as they've found another 10th Doctor, with coat and want pics of us walking together.  so they take us to the area near the pool and get us walking up n down 5 or 6 times.  Turns out they're from the Birmingham Mercury paper covering the event.  OH WOW, I'M GONNA BE IN THE PAPER!!!  Either on Sunday or Monday. Make note to buy paper on Sunday. 

The other 10th I was now with, called Martin, from Grantham, 42 (i think) is a postman. we sat around chatted with beers etc, aaron found me again, and tried to loiter but I ignored him.  

quickly went up to room later to collect stuff to be signed. Gold ticket holders getting graphs today only.  All the guests (minus Matt) were at tables in this room, and we filed in and got our stuff signed, either standard autograph or named autograph.  I got all mine named. On the dvd cover (season 6 ofc) I was like "Just find a gap and sign in it"  really didn't want anyone scribbling over people's faces.  When I got to Frances' table, I kinda had a fangirl spaz, I told her I met her at the meet n greet yesterday, I was the River Song with the eye drive and we were talking about spirit gum, she couldn't believe it was me, (alot of people were having that problem this weekend, I'd talk to them once I was in a different outfit, and they'd take 5 mins to realise who I was) anyways, she said that I really should be an actor.  SO I came away with a huge grin on my face.  and yeah, total fangirl moment there. I really wasn't expecting that.  

Took all stuff upto room and changed into 5th doctor briefly.  went downstairs to hang around for the 'fancy dress competition' entry and the meet up beforehand. however, my phone was in my room on charge and I didn't get the time meetup until an hour later after I'd come out of the autographs.  So hung around the lobby as the 5th for a bit, didn't get any response or see anyone that might've been also waiting, Think the wig's got smaller, gradually starting a migraine, had to go and take it off, was getting partial black vision in one eye, and the headache pressure was stupid.  So had a rest from the wig for 1/2 an hour, sent a text apologising that I couldn't do the comp. because I couldn't wear the wig. 

arrived downstairs later, dressed as ToA black dress River Song, wearing the 6" red heels, and the 'fancy dress comp' was underway, felt guilty, so didn't even stay and watch it.  I heard the group I was supposed to be in won. Good on them. 

Went and bought another photo ticket - for the 'Sheppard sandwich' photo with both Mark and W.Morgan Sheppard. £30

At the disco, I managed to dance quite well in the heels, although I kept removing them every now n then, to rest my feet.  Sat with Martin (10th doctor from yesterday) his outfit was 10th again but the drunk version from Girl in the Fireplace. Got rather drunk on a bottle of wine he'd brought with him, found the room that he was sharing was a twin, with air con, and one of the girls was Bexi (supreme dalek princess) someone else that I admire that I finally meet. Later in the evening I see Emma again, and apologised for my rude behaviour of the night before. And we had a lovely chat. 

Got very drunk, can't remember what time I left the disco, but drunk 3/4 litre of water, fell asleep on the bathroom floor (which was around 2 ft square), with crippling stomach pains, thinking I was gonna die, cos I hadn't eaten anything substantial since Thursday evening. I managed to eat a banana and tried to eat a chicken pasta in a mug. 

Briefly notice open wound on top of foot where red heels have cut into it. its wet and weeping, so soak it in cold water and wrap toilet tissue round it and put a sock on to hold it in place.  all this stuff in my bag and I forget the bloody plasters.

Alarm goes off early again, but tbh not slept much, can remember 4am when the sun started to rise. dress in casual gear for breakfast, determined to eat something, I get bacon, fried bread, hash browns and beans, and push them around the plate for half an hour.  I did drink fresh orange juice and black coffee tho. Took some food back with me to the room, and the remainder of the extra strong coffee too.   Ironing board was still up, so attempted to iron the dress, its got so many attached bits inside it, ironing was impossible, so gave up.  and put tWoRS outfit back on again.  I can't be having a creased dress on to get a 

photo with Matt Smith. Had to queue for the Sheppard Sandwich photo first, as the queue for that was smaller, then I'd join the Matt Smith queue.  Whilst in the first queue I heard all the screams as Matt entered the other room, ah well, soon. 

Eventually I get into meet Matt, still concious of my outfit, and even after the majority of the weekend in it, people still mentioning the shoes (perspex heel) Anyway, my turn arrives, I walk upto him and say "Hello Sweetie.... sorry I just HAD to say that".  Got my photo taken with him.  He was lovely.  I just wanted to smuggle him home in my suitcase, but there were 2 huge burly security blokes loitering near him.  Aparently they nearly had to step in earlier, as some other girls hugged him and wouldn't let go.  I didn't fangirl over him.  I was surprised at this.  I guess even someone like Matt Smith cannot tempt me. 

hmmmm... says alot. 

Afterwards the standard ticket holders went for their photos,  I wish I'd've been a fly on the wall when Matt Elliott went for his photo with Matt Smith.  I would've loved to see Matt Smith's face to see his lookalike stood next to him. 

So I Went back to room.  thought "Sod it, I'll wear the green dress, its not like its for a photo now, its to meet him for autographs"  Stood in the queue with Ann and Kirstin, and bought another Badger card, gave that and the Journal to Ann to get signed for me, and I took the DVD, 2 purchased photos, and the Diary (that was a last minute decision to get him to sign that) He would personalise one item - so I chose the DVD, as everyone else had personalised this for me.  He hardly looked up, he was too busy signing stuff, in a way I felt sorry for him.  

Oh and after yesterday, and spending too much time with that Martin, I decided by the light of day it wasn't the best idea - it was probably the alcohol, so I mingled more with other people, found more River cosplayers, most of them were lesbians. 

Went to Matt Smith's talk.  That was fun.  Ice Warriors possibly returning in next season. And he tried so hard to not mention the new companions name - but we already know her name,  and some of us are trying to gather her outfit (ongoing atm - bag and shoes bought and received, dress bought, jacket already own, coat - will be purchased soon).  Then afterwards, the closing ceremony.  Where all the guests lined up.  Midnight the next Doctor Who / Torchwood con was announced - end of Nov / beginning of Dec - Billie Piper rumoured to be attending - tickets same price. Venue unknown atm.

After the closing ceremony, Matt and burly bodyguards left quickly, was hoping he'd stay for the evening disco.  But I guess he's still busy with filming and needs to get back. 

Got changed in to casual stuff again. loads of people left after the closing ceremony.  I stayed in disco til it closed, around 2 or 3.  got final photo of the 20 that were left when the lights came on.  People were still in the bar, but I'd had a alcohol free night, was tired and went to bed. I did eat a loada stuff before bed tho.  I guess I was nervous about meeting Matt Smith and therefore that's why I didn't eat. Decided to get up early on last morning and goto gym. 

Fire alarm test at 8.30am woke me up.  Dammit slept in, dressed quickly, so much for the gym.  Went for breakfast, not in usual room as some other conference now in there, so walked to the other end of the building to the usual breakfast room. Ate loads today. full breakfast.  Still tired. went back upstairs to pack.  managed to pack bags easier, even tho I had more to take back.  Said goodbyes to people, checked out, took the 11 shuttle bus to the station.  picked any train to New Street, and then hung around for a bit at the station.  Bought a DW mag with freebies on it from WH Smiths.  Assistant in there asked if I was a DW fan, I explained just been to a con at the Hilton at NEC he was soooo jealous.  

Then went for a peppermint tea at cafe ritazza.  where just sat there for over an hour managed to get more hits on my Street Pass (currently up to 9).  Resisted temptation to fall asleep on the train. Train at Doncaster was running late by 15 mins. So booked taxi for 3.55.  got home to find DRAMA

Whilst I was away, the water pipe that serves my property that runs underneath my neighbours garden burst (due to wear n tear) and flooded his garden. so the tap water I have is mucky soil colour. 

Missed two parcels whilst away (these are the bag and shoes as mentioned earlier for Clara's outfit)

And got a letter from Tesco's telling me they had suspended my internet due to non payment.  So I had a very nasty convo with them over the phone.  They had had a new accounts system put in place, and it had lost my direct debit details, so they didn't tell me for 2 months, until the letter I just received.  So I told them I was cancelling my account. Because they were incompetant. However, they managed to get my internet back within 2 hours, instead of the 48 hours they told me it probably would take.  Still not impressed me enough to stay with them though. 

and if you actually read all that journal. CONGRATULATIONS. XD


yes.  haven't been here in YEARS. 

kinda lost my pass.  but I'm back now.  Been watching the DW Cosplay pages.  Getting ideas on new outfits. 

just updated my OKCupid account. minimal messages in 5 years.  as soon as I update my profile and say I love Doctor Who.  6 messages in 10 minutes.  Everyone wants to talk to me now.

This is awesome. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to 11th Hour Con. 

my outfits are:
10th Doctor
5th Doctor 
River Song : Wedding of, Day of the Moon dress, Time of Angels dress

was hassle with my tickets, and therefore might not get the gold one I applied for in February.  They accept credit cards (I don't have credit cards) and Mastercard debit is not accepted.   If he'd told me that earlier, I could've sent a cheque in.

I wanna meet Matt Smith.  Alex Kingston cancelled.  That's a shame, would've loved to have met her. But she's really busy this year.  3rd event she's cancelled. 

woah... so long

its been like a year, so much has happened.  loves, deaths, new friends, new enemies, but most important..... NEW COSPLAYS.

you would not believe how much I've progressed in this field.  even making my own stuff.  latest made outfit is Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, now I just need a keyblade.

latest fun cosplay was Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji.  went to a Kuro meet/photoshoot at expo, met a Madam Red, who's a lovely person, and I spent the rest of sunday after the Kuro meet hanging round with her.

that morning of expo, got raped on the floor of expo by another Grell, and I'm still searching for the photos, I know loads were took, can't bloody find them tho.

atm, I'm cat calming.  there's fireworks going off outside, and Mogz here is terrified.   So I have the 1812 overture on, whilst I'm watching the fireworks and most of the fireworks are in time with the music..

oh... and New SIMS too.  Yup got a new pc and therefore Sims3, but I still love Sims2, especially as I found Kuroshitsuji skins for Sims2, and therefore, Sims2 is still extremely playable

Whilst in London for expo we went to the Fable 3 midnight opening at Game on Oxford Street,  met Jonathon Ross, got my photo taken with him and got his autograph.   When I played the game, I expected his character to be in it for ages, 5 minutes and then he gets eaten by a balverine.  Most disappointing.  On a plus side, Stephen Fry still has a voice over part.  Not Reaver this time, he's Jasper, your butler, so you hear his voice constantly throughout the game.  <3<3

Went to one of those Fishy feet places today, where lil fishies eat dead skin from your feet, its a strange sensation, but bloody good, would recommend anyone to go.

now... to play.....Fable3?  or Sims2 or Sims3 or World of Warcraft.  So many choices, so few hands XD

3 people... so it must be true

three people have said my Soubi Agatsuma cosplay is awesome.  Poppy and Angie from Yorcos and Tsunade from AL forums.  
her actual words were: 
"uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You're Soubi is fantastic *loveless fangirl* :3"

recent news

the recon was fun.  there were 50+ cosplayers there from various things.  My leekspin orihime got loads of attention.  I came up with the idea after the Doncaster ReCon in June, where someone said "CaramelDansen is so annoying"  So I thought Ievan's Pollka's annoying too.  I know I'll be Leekspin Orihime!

So then the idea was born.

Arrived in Hull around noon.  wandered round the shops.  visited the chinese supermarket, bought jasmine & honey iced tea, pocky and the staff were opening huge polystyrene containers of frozen fish.  there was this big round flat fishy with a gaping mouth.  It looked so funny. Had to laugh at it.

Got bored of wandering round hull pretty quickly so went to Vue in Princes Quay and watched Dorian Gray.  only about 15 ppl in the cinema.  Sex debauchery and death.  It was captivating. Blokes kissing too, and implied oral sex too (no you didn't see it, but it was heavily implied)  Just my kinda film
Yorcos ppl arrived late, and missed the cosplay competition.  which was a shame.

I had to leave to get my train early, so I missed alot of time with them.

Sheffield.  Midlands Cosplayers Meet.  I went as Soubi.  I was considering being Shihoudani from Princess Princess but Soubi seemed an easier option.
was on the train to leeds at 7.23am.  ouch yeah too early.  Arrived in sheffield for 9.20am.  Hung around waiting on ppl for 40 mins.  The meet reminded me of a YorCos meet, but with ppl more my own age.   We had a 6-way Bomberman DS competition.  That was quite bizarre and enjoyable.

When I got home, I posted on dA an odd account of my trip.  Odd... in a way that as if I was there with someone else.  See below for the details:

Read more...Collapse )

see what I mean about the oddness of it.  

Anyways....  I always seem to get drawn into the actual being of the characters I cosplay, so much so, its hard to get a grasp of which reality is true.  I got responses from 'my Ritsuka'

Read more...Collapse )

so you see, is it wrong for me to lose myself in character and get hung up over another character so much?

I know I said I'd be Soubi at the YorCos meet at the end of the month.  But is it worth killing my soul over it?  Might go as someone else.  Mello perhaps.  I can console myself with chocolate.


haven't posted for so long.  the last four months have been incredibly hectic.  I joined a walking club which I walk around 9 miles once a month with them.  And we visit wonderful places too.

I joined two cosplay groups and I now do approx two cosplays per month, whereas before it was approx two cosplays per year.

Yorcos - excellent local group.   Go everywhere in cosplay.  
since I joined them in July, I've been: 
Edward Elric (FMA)
Mello (Death Note)
Soubi (Loveless)
Chazz Princeton (YuGiOh GX)

I was Mello at the Travelling Man Death Note Day in August.  Came 3rd in the Cosplay competition.  The 2nd time that outfit has won me a prize!

I was Soubi at the Anime League Leeds meet up.  Poppy went as my Ritsuka.  thing is she's taller than me, so I had to put bloody huge platform new rocks on and even then I was only just taller than her.  and Gemma went as Soubi and Ritsuka's love child (lol - yeah I know!)

have a Tokyopop Recon next week, where I'm gonna be Leekspin Orihime
and a midlands cosplayers meet I might still be orihime or soubi

Yorcos at the end of the month will be either Soubi or Mello (cos the majority of YorCos haven't seen either of those outfits)

Travelling Man in Leeds are organising two days in October: Naruto Day and Bleach Day

for the Naruto Day I'm gonna be Orochimaru - I'm really looking forward to that outfit - I'm gonna scare ppl.  Infact I'll probably scare ppl whilst waiting for my YorCos friends at Leeds station.
and the Bleach Day I'll be Ulquiorra again.  Been almost a year since I was him.

Thought Bubble in Leeds in November, I believe YorCos are going all Death Note.  I would like to be Rem, but I have alot of preparation for Orochimaru, and therefore I don't think I can concentrate on that outfit, so I think I'll be Matt.  Also thinking of the weather factor here.  Rem is gonna be a bodysuit and bandages and probably quite cold.  Matt.... fleecy jacket - hehe toasty!

i mean

.... how long does a bad back take to get better anyways?

I think its teasing me.  Just when I think its getting better, the next day I wake up in agony.  Where's those heat pads?

Its been two weeks, and today its pulsating like hell.  before that it was fine.  I thought it was better. now it feels like someone's hit my back with a rock, swollen up like a balloon again.

I hate it, I wish it would get better


Its really quite amusing.  The Gothick Lolita (we'll call her GL for the time being - to save me from typing it all out everytime I mention her) side of me decided we were going to go to York today, whereas the gaming side of me was hoping for a nice long lie-in till lunchtime.  So GL gets up early (7.30am.... on a Sunday, practically unheard of!), spends 2 1/2 hours dressing, wig?  lil gothic hat?  or falls?   new rock boots? or victorian style shoes with red bows?  Then GL catches the bus to York.  She waves and smiles at many people, talks to a Jedi Priest (the guy who works in Classix), curtsies to the purple painted man in Stonegate, who paints her hair with a dry purple brush.  Buys some dvds (Naruto 2nd series for £20; Pettite Cossette for £5, 3-iron for £7). Buys some Manga (Click - volumes 4 and 5).

However in GAME, the gaming me wakes from her slumber and wonders why she's A) not in bed or B) not playing Gothador/World of Warcraft/flyff/Sims2  - its a very strange feeling let me tell you - its like your looking through someone elses eyes, but not in control of anything around you.

On leaving GAME, GL takes over again, and wanders around smiling and waving to people again,  Oh well... I guess she doesn't like gaming!

She also found that in the absence of pockets, cleavage makes a great place to put your iPod!

but the shoes are cute....



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